7-figure Coach was developed by nationally recognized sales trainer, John Martinez, in order to help others obtain personal and financial freedom through sales training.

The 6-Figure to 7-Figure Journey

Over the course of 15 years, I made my way to the top in the sales world... all the way to highly coveted VP and Director roles...

While I was "successful" by all conventional measurements, I felt far from it... I was miserable.

No TimeFamily functions, friends and hobbies were eliminated over time as I needed to devote more time to my career.

Not Enough MoneyMy salary and benefits were great, and I can't complain about them... but after modest home & auto upgrades and taking care of the my growing family, there wasn't much left over... I was far from rich... I was just comfortable and left wanting more.

No ControlI had seen friends' and colleagues' jobs eliminated through restructuring and their lives shattered, even when they were loyal and went above and beyond in their roles. I lived in fear because I knew that others were in control of my career and future... I was not. 

No More HopeWhen I reached the top of the corporate ladder, there was nothing left to look forward to. When I could no longer move up, I started moving laterally... same roles with different companies. Reality eventually set in... and I lost the hope for a better tomorrow that drove me through my early years.

Unrealized PotentialThe worst part of it all was that I knew I was capable of more... I just had no idea what to do next.

Growing Stress - As my salaries increased, so did my stress. That stress bled over into my personal life... unfortunately, it was my wife and kids who suffered because of it... One day I woke up and was ashamed of the husband and father I had become. Ironically, I kept telling myself that the reason why I was working so hard was for them.

Jumping Off The Corporate Ladder & Starting A Sales Training Business...

In 2014 I decided that I couldn't take any more... so I bought a domain name (midwestrev.com), built the world's ugliest website and launched my sales training business. 

I was scared to death because I knew that I was nothing special... I wasn't the best salesperson, a dynamic leader or speaker, extremely introverted... there was really nothing unique or amazing about me at all so I feared that I would fail. 

But, I quickly learned that there was no need to struggle or to stress. I learned that there was hope for me and my family. I rediscovered my passion and drive. I accomplished more and experienced more than I ever thought possible through my new sales training business.

What My Sales Training Business Looks Like Today...

Today life is much different for me and my family...

I've been able to work with over 2,000 clients...

It takes me 2 hours per week to run my training business...

But, the best part is that I now have...

Time for relaxation.

Time for family.

Time for travel and new experiences.

The relief from financial stresses.

And, the ability to live on my own terms and make my own rules.

My fans even have started making their own "You Just Got John Martinez'd" shirts... It's unbelievable. 

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It's Been A Heck Of A Ride!

I've been able to work with business icons like Dean Graziosi, Frank Kern, and Darren Hardy. I've flown in private jets and sat court-side with NBA Hawks owner Jesse Itzler. I've spoken on stages throughout the country and now live a life I don't deserve... What a ride it has been! 


The Truth About All The Cool "Stuff"...

It took a lot of patience, hard work and a bit of luck to build my business.

Thinking that it would make me happy, I picked up all the cool stuff that I thought successful people had...

Now, don't get me wrong...

Stuff can be TONS OF FUN!

It's not horrible to drive supercars and live in a cool house...

But... the stuff didn't bring the lasting happiness and satisfaction that I was looking for.

What did bring  happiness was the COMPLETE AND TOTAL FREEDOM to do what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted, with who I wanted...

Here's Where You Fit In...

When I made the transition into sales training I had to do everything on my own.

I almost didn't make it.

So I put together a program to help others who want to make money training salespeople or build their own sales training business.

If you want the easy button when it comes to getting into sales training, this is it... everything you need to make money training salespeople.

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