Build A Sales Training Business Of Your Own

Personal and Financial Freedom

The sales training business can provide an amazing opportunity for growth. Make more money, take more time off, and change the lives of the salespeople and business owners you work with!

Low Cost Of Entry

High Profit Margins

No Royalties

This is an opportunity like no other... 

Proven business model

Highly effective sales training curriculum

Potential for recurring revenue

A growing market - Worldwide, companies are spending over $130 billion on training

Personal and Financial Freedom

Sales training offers a tremendous opportunity for growth. Achieve work/life balance, earn the money you deserve, and make a difference in the lives of your clients!

If you are unhappy, tired, and burnt out from trying to climb the corporate ladder, there's no better time than the now, and no better vehicle than 7-Figure Coach, to become a sales trainer.

You might be interested in becoming a sales trainer if…

  • You’re tired of the corporate grind
  • You don’t feel appreciated
  • Entrepreneurship has always intrigued you

Here's What You'll Get


Sales Trainer Certification

You'll be taught how to deliver the sales training to your clients easily and effectively in any environment so you can go into every training engagement with confidence.


Sales Training Curriculum

You'll be provided with a complete sales training curriculum along with slide decks so you don't have to spend months or years creating your own.


Basic Infrastructure (If Needed)

If you need, we can build you a website and take care of your email & general office apps.


Guidance & Support

Have questions? Need advice? Reach out to John Martinez and his team for life-long guidance and support with marketing, sales, delivery, and everything in between.

01: You'll Get Certified As A Sales Trainer

Before you can train any salespeople, you'll need to get certified. This program is self-paced and can be accomplished in as little as a week. However, most people allow themselves 2-4 weeks to complete the certification program. During the certification process you'll master your new sales training curriculum and how to properly deliver the training to your future clients. 

Learn How to Deliver & Teach the Sales Training Content

The Inside Out Training Methodology

Client Participation and Engagement

Master the Sales Training Content & Curriculum

For In-Person Delivery

For Online Delivery

Take The Certification Final Exam

Multiple Choice

Short Answer


02: You'll Get John's Sales Training Curriculum

This sales training curriculum is one of the most effective available anywhere today. It has been successfully deployed in dozens of industries and always receives rave reviews. 

Fully Customizable With Little Effort

Complete Curriculum With High-Quality Slide Decks & Videos

Works In Any Industry or Niche

Our Curriculum Gets Real Results

Here are some unsolicited reviews of the sales training curriculum.  Even more can be found on John's sales training website.

03: Basic Business Infrastructure (If Needed)


Email and Office Applications

The Ideal Candidate

We’re looking for experienced sales professionals who want to build a simple sales training business of their own. The ideal candidate will:

  • Love sales
  • Love training salespeople
  • Want more control over their time and more time off
  • Want to earn what they’re worth
  • Want to take control of their life

Why Choose 7-Figure Coach?

We provide initial training (trainer certification) and ongoing support

Our sales training curriculum has no equal

And, since we are not a franchise, you can

Build your own personal brand (nothing more powerful)

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars over comparable franchise models

You can play by your own rules without worrying about complying with "corporate"


The biggest sales training franchise in the U.S. requires a 6-figure investment just to get started and another 6-figures in additional fees each year. 

Information on Sandler Training Franchise Provided By

[FDD of Sandler Training. Year of FDD: 2019.]

Don't worry... Getting Started With 7-Figure Coach 

Is A Small Fraction Of a Franchise Cost.

There is NO cheaper or easier way to get into sales training. Period.

Here's What One Of The Sales Trainers Using Our Program Had To Say...


David Drucker

The Path To Becoming A Sales Trainer...


Complete and submit an application to see if you qualify.

Initial Phone Call

Have an initial phone call with John Martinez (Owner of 7-Figure Coach and Midwest Revenue Group). This will be the first of many throughout the process.


Preview the training content and certification program.

Agreement & Initial Fee

Return your signed Agreement and submit payment for your initial licensing fee.

Welcome to 7-FigureCoach

Start the certification process and find your first customers!

Interested In Learning More?

Request More Information & Connect With John Martinez