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PowerPoint Style Slide Decks

  • MRG Full Deck (Bootcamp)
  • MRG Kick-Off - Problem With Sales
  • MRG Process Overview
  • MRG Setting The Stage
  • MRG How and Why We Buy
  • MRG Questioning Strategy
  • MRG - Overcoming Resistance - Pulling Back
  • MRG - Overcoming Resistance - Tactical Empathy
  • MRG Deal Killers
  • MRG The Close - Transition Question
  • MRG The Close – Presentation
  • MRG The Close – Negotiating
  • MRG Personal Playbook

Online Courses:


  • Course Introduction
  • Selling Systems... Do You Even Need One?

Online Courses (Continued):

Setting the Stage for Open and Honest Communication

  • Setting the Stage
  • Give The Freedom To Say No
  • Building Rapport

Uncovering Motivation and Creating Urgency

  • People Buy Emotionally
  • We Can't Convince We Can Only Uncover
  • The Problem With Problems
  • The Perfect Questioning Strategy
  • Instant Influence
  • Advanced Questioning
  • One Simple Way To Keep Your Prospects Attention
  • RESOURCE: Comprehensive List of Softening Statements and Socratic Questions

Overcoming Resistance 

  • The Principle of Scarcity
  • Going Negative
  • Using Takeaways
  • Noncommittal Words and Phrases
  • Tactical Empathy
  • RESOURCE: Clarifying Noncommittal Language

Online Courses (Continued):

Uncovering and Eliminating Deal Killers

  • Deal Killers
  • Getting Your Competition Fired Without Saying Anything Bad About Them
  • Selling to Multiple Decision Makers
  • How To Sell To Missing Decision Makers
  • RESOURCE: Stakeholder Analysis

Preparing to Present and Closing the Deal

  • Transitioning to the Close
  • The Presentation
  • Never Accept a "Maybe" or "Think-It-Over"
  • Never Fear "No"
  • Negotiation
  • Stress Testing the Sale
  • RESOURCE: The #1 Reverse Psychology Skill For When You're Attacked in a Negotiation

Wrap Up

  • If/Then Cheat Sheet
  • RESOURCE: If/Then Cheat Sheet
  • RESOURCE: Personal Sales Playbook
  • RESOURCE: Sales Review Sheet

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