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Follow Along With This 7-Hour Workshop Video Series, Where I Share Exactly How I Built My 7-Figure Coaching Business So You Can Learn How To Replicate It For Yourself.

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I'll Share With You The Three Main Pillars Of My Sales Training Business


Lead Generation

Learn how I turn strangers into prospects through my proprietary automated marketing system. We use content marketing, social media and email to drive in a steady flow of prospects with zero cold calls or cold emails...



Lead Conversion

I'll show you my process for selling high-dollar training over a 15-minute phone call. It all starts with an application, then a calendar booking, followed by a quick chat, and finishes with a "conversion email". Quick and simple.



There are a number of ways to develop and deliver your training. I'll share with you my content creation formulas, the various delivery methods I've used (online, 1-on-1, group, boardroom, event, consulting, etc.) along with their pros and cons.

LEAD GENERATION – How My Automated Marketing Machine Consistently and Predictably Generates Qualified Leads

Content Marketing

Over 1 million people per month watch one of my marketing videos... because of it, I haven't made a cold call or done any outbound prospecting in more than 5 years. You'll learn how to position yourself, easily create short videos and where to distribute them so you prospects will find you.

Social Media Marketing

Nearly every human on Earth is on social media... this means that your prospects are on social media. You need a strategy to get your message in front of them consistently. I'll show you how I do it. You'll learn about free and paid marketing options. I personally spent $50k to learn them from Frank Kern, the #1 direct response marketer in the country.

Email Marketing

You want to be "omnipresent"... to be everywhere all the time. So, you and your message needs to live not just online and on social media, but also in your prospects' email inboxes. I'll show you how to create an automated email nurturing system that will work forever.


Posting your videos on YouTube will do wonders for your Google rankings and drive in prospects like crazy. We bring on one new customer form YouTube per week (roughly $24,000 in monthly revenue). It doesn't cost us a dime... I'll show you our YouTube system so you can do the same.


A good website is more than just an online business card. It needs to be designed to help every prospect through their journey... whether they're  ice cold, warm or smoking hot... each needs a clear path forward. We design our own sites in hours and can show you to do the same.

LEAD CONVERSION – How I Convert Leads To Clients In Under 15-Minutes Without Any Selling

The Application Process

Through a lot of trial and error, we've dialed in an application process that is second to none. I'll explain the three step process and best practices we've picked up along the way.

The 15-Minute Call

This quick chat is not designed to sell... our marketing takes care of that for us and by the time a prospect gets to the call they're most likely already sold. It's designed to answer the final few questions someone has before joining our program. I'll give you the outline we use on every 15-minute call.

The Conversion Email

The power of the application process is in the conversion email. This email is sent immediately after the 15-minute call and has a 50% close ratio. You'll get the same one we use.

DELIVERY - How I Deliver Coaching To 2,000+ Students In Just 2-Hours Per Week

Content Creation

I use the same basic formulas for producing marketing and training get info out of my head and convert it to something I can distribute. You'll get my formula as well as clever ways to come up with dozens of pieces of new content on the fly.

Delivery Options

There are a half dozen ways to deliver your content... I'll go through every option along with their pros and cons so you can complete the design of your sales training business. 

Pricing Models

One of the most important things you'll need to figure out is your pricing model. It impacts everything you do. I'll show you my unique and highly profitable model and go through a number of other effective pricing options I've used in the past so you can determine what will work for you.

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Want A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Own 7-Figure Sales Training Business?

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