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If You'd Like To Become A Sales Trainer, Here's What You Need To Do...

Step #1: Navigate The Decision

Before Going Any Further, Ask yourself These 5 Questions

1.) Do I really need to make a change?

  • Can I continue on 'as is' for the next 5-10 years?
  • Do I need more free time?
  • Do I need more control?
  • Do I need more income?
  • Do I need more freedom?

2.) Do I really have the desire to train salespeople?

  • Can I pour myself into my business and do it with passion and conviction... or will I just phone it in?

3.) Do I have the ability to train salespeople?

  • Do I have a successful track record?
  • Can I follow directions and implement proven systems and processes?

4.) Do I have what it takes to succeed as a sales trainer?

  • Can I push through the building phase?
  • Can I push through the set-backs and challenges that WILL occur?
  • Will I give up when the going gets tough?

5.) Is 7-Figure Coach a fit, and my best option to help me build my sales training business?

  • What are ALL of my options?
  • Can I do this all on my own?
  • Should I buy into a franchise?
  • Should I just work for a coaching company as an employee?

Step #2: Consider Coaching Models

(If You're Not Sure What Model Suits You Best Yet, That's Ok)

If You've Determined That This Is The Right Path, What Do You Want Your Business Look Like?


Side Hustle

  • Uber style.... pick up a client here or there for extra dough


  • 5-20 hours per week


  • 30-40 hours per week

Existing Business Bolt-On (Additional Revenue Stream)

  • Offer sales training to current clients to generate additional revenue, provide more value and increase revenue per customer



  • One company in any single training session


  • Train multiple companies simultaneously


  • Train clients via a web portal


  • Train in the boardroom or sales pit


  • Host events and train from stage

Step #3: Identify Your Best Transition/Start-Up Path

Big Question... How Will You Get Moving?

"Burn The Ships"

  • Go all in. Take the leap and never look back. Give yourself no option other than to make it work.

"Incremental Income Replacement"

  • Build up revenue slowly and steadily, and make the switch once your coaching income greatly exceeds your current income.

"The College Try"

  • Give yourself a time frame (3-9 months) where you'll self-support and give this everything you have. Make a deal with yourself that if it doesn't get moving within your allotted timeframe, you'll leave knowing that you gave it all you had... and move forward without regret.

Ready To Build a Sales Training Business of Your Own?

Fill Out A Short Questionnaire To See If You Qualify

Here's exactly what the selection process consists of... 

Step 1: Introductory Phone Call - On this call we'll answer any initial questions that you have, and visit about your background, experience and goals. Together we will determine if it makes sense to move on to step #2.

Step 2: Business Plan Draft - Together we will begin to build a personalized transition and/or launch plan for you. We will outline the best possible paths towards your personal success. We will take into consideration your current circumstances, goals, resources on hand and risk tolerance.

Step 3: Offer - At this stage, if you meet the qualifications and we feel that you can find success training salespeople, we will present you with an offer and plan based on your personal business plan draft. It will include all costs and timelines. We will not attempt to influence you one way or the other. The decision to accept or decline the offer will ultimately be up to you. It is a decision that you'll need to make on your own and with the support of your family.

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