Your Online Training Portal

We'll Handle All Of The Tech... You Just Train Salespeople

We make it ridiculously easy to teach online.

Building and running a great online course is challenging.

Some days will be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll connect with a student who gets it, who understands your message and who can’t stop raving about the results she’s getting from your course. Other days, though…it will be disappointing and exhausting.

But you’re not doing this because it’s easy. You’re doing this because it’s worth it.

And that’s why you need more than just a tool. You need a team and a community standing behind you, cheering you along.

With our training platform, you’re not buying a teaching tool, you’re joining a team.

A team that loves designing and building a great course platform — so that you can focus on creating inspiring content, promoting your course, and engaging your students.

A team that is happy to help with any of your tech questions.

AND more than happy to help with any of your students’ questions. (That’s right, we handle the dreaded “I can’t log in to my course” email for you.)

You’re joining a team that partners with you to change the world.

And you’re joining a community that will cheer and encourage your success.

Inside Your Personal Sales Training Portal...

  • Accept payments
  • Offer multiple price points for each course
  • Coupons customized for each payment type
  • Invite or remove participants from courses
  • Host and stream audio and video
  • Daily backups
  • Discussion questions/prompts for specific activities/content
  • General course-wide Q&A and forum
  • Receive email notifications when a student posts a question
  • Send email announcements to all participants in the course
  • Students can mark each activity as “complete”, and track their own progress
  • Student Dashboard feature shows students’ activity completion and comment rates, with data for the whole course or by lesson
  • Host teleconferences with slides, group chat, and automatic recording
  • Host video broadcasts with slides, group chat, and automatic recording
  • Easy access to support via Phone, Skype, Email, Live Chat, Facebook Group, Knowledge Base, Training Courses, and Tutorials
  • Your students ALSO have easy access to support as they register, pay, and access your courses

7 ways we can help you change the world!

1. You’re not just another pretty face

Maybe you’ve spent years building and refining your brand…or maybe you’re just starting to envision what that brand might feel like. Either way, you’ve been searching for a course platform that looks good, that’s easy-to-use — a platform you’d be proud to call your own.

We’ve given you simple ways to customize your course to fit your brand. Let’s face it, your students aren’t here to be wowed by our design process. Your students are here to connect with you. And at 7-Figure Coach, we put you front-and-center.

2. No secret techie-knowledge needed

We want you to have a fabulous time creating and leading your online course. Really, the technology just needs to get out of the way…but often, it doesn’t. It pains us deeply when we see experts — people with generous intentions and great materials — attempt to deliver a course through a clunky, unattractive and downright frustrating interface. It happens every day and it’s an incredible waste.

We’ve put in the endless hours, sweating the details of a platform that will just work for both you and your students. If you can open a web browser, you know everything you need to start using our training platform. And for your students, it’s even easier. They join the course and are guided through the content. One lesson, one step at a time. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

3. Sculpt your course like Michaelangelo

You’ve probably heard the story of Michelangelo. He said that every block of stone has a statue hidden inside and it’s the task of the sculptor to discover it.

In our medium of online courses, you’re a sculptor. You’ve spent years building your expertise and now you need a tool that will help you sculpt your course into an amazing work of art. This platform is that tool.

4. Lead your tribe

Think about the people you serve. Your mission is to lead your tribe on a journey of learning and discovery. You create a culture around learning goals. You connect your participants to one another. You build and nurture a tribe. Technology should support your tribe. The more you can connect, the stronger your tribe will grow.

That might mean offering bite-sized learning opportunities, available “On Demand”, whenever someone is ready to learn. Or it might mean nurturing a learning community as part of a live, scheduled course — a tribe of like-minded people sharing and growing together. Either way, we make it easy to create your learning culture, connect your participants, and deepen your tribal bonds.

5. Go the distance with your business

Short-term thinking? That’s so five years ago. You want to build something real. A business that can go the distance. That means you need sustainable cash flow. Offering high-value online courses can help you get there.

With this training platform, you don’t need to worry about the complexities of accepting credit cards or how to support international customers. People buy your course and the money shows up in your account. All the money you earn is yours. We don’t take a cut. Simple. Easy.

6. Be an authentic expert

Every day you’re working to stand out — to provide distinctive value through your writing, speaking, and teaching. You put care and attention into every aspect of how you present yourself as an authentic expert. From your blog to your Facebook page to your email list.

Now you’re choosing the platform that will provide the deepest expression of your authenticity and brand. It’s essential that your participants have a great experience in your online program, so they can truly connect with you as an authentic expert. We make that easy to do.

7. Start having fun again

Who says that online teaching and growing an online business have to be a drag? What happened to the joy of teaching? The fulfillment that comes from seeing our students get it? Those moments of joy and connection make all the hard work worthwhile.

If you’re ready to start having fun again — if you’re ready to spend time on teaching instead of tech  — we’re here to help.

If you need an online training portal, we've got you covered.