If you're ready to start building your sales training business, I have a safe, irresistible offer for you... basically we'll build your entire business for your for a fraction of what you could do it for yourself. And, if you're not fully satisfied after the buildout, we'll give you your money back.

Here's What You'll Get...

Business Planning Session ($250 Value)

It all starts with a plan. Together we will begin to build a personalized transition and/or launch plan for you. We will outline the best possible paths towards your personal success. We will take into consideration your current circumstances, goals, resources on hand and risk tolerance.


Website, Domain & Email ($5,500 Value)

A good website is more than just an online business card. It needs to be designed to help every prospect through their journey... whether they're  ice cold, warm or smoking hot... each needs a clear path forward. You'll also get a custom web address with matching email.


Lead Generation ($1,500 Value)

Would you like a steady flow of leads? We can help with that, too. We'll build you an automated lead generation campaign online through social media.


Marketing Videos ($6,000 Value)

We'll help you script 12 marketing videos. Don't worry... it's painless. We'll outline, script and help you film them. Then, our professional editing team will clean them up and make them shine. From there we will post the videos on your YouTube channel, on your website, in your automated email marketing system and on social media.

YouTube Channel ($200 Value)

YouTube has 2 billion users. It's where people go when they have questions or need help... and you'll be right there when they do. You'll get your very own YouTube channel, including custom channel art. We'll also take care of uploading your videos for you.


Automated Email Marketing ($1,200 Value)

Email is still an amazing way to stay in touch and to market. We'll take all the guess work out of it by setting up, designing and launching your custom email marketing system. 


Lead To Client Conversion System ($1,000 Value)

You need a proven system that converts your leads into clients predictably and consistently without any chasing or hard selling. We'll set you up with, and show you exactly how to use, our proprietary client conversion system.


Complete Online Training Platform ($1,500 Value)

If you're going to do any online training (and you will because it's not 1998 anymore), you'll need an online training portal. Accept payments, store your content, track & communicate with students, conduct webinars or teleconferences... your portal needs to do it all. AND IT WILL!


Proven Sales Training Content & Curriculum ($25,000 Annual Value)

If I knew how hard it was going to be to create sales training content, I never would have become a sales trainer. Everything I knew was from books and previous trainings.... and I couldn't use any of it. I had to consult with intellectual property lawyers and build everything from the ground up and then submit it through a rigorous copyright process. If I didn't, I would have been quickly sued and put out of business. Our customers now tell us that ours is the best sales training available anywhere... and you can license it to use as your own.


Ongoing Guidance & Mentorship ($5,000 Value)

Along your business-building journey, you'll have questions... you'll need help. It's natural. Plug into John Martinez and the 7-Figure team for guidance and get help from those who have already encountered and crushed every obstacle you will face.


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Stage One: Build

Timeframe: 120 Days (4 Months)

  • Website/Email
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Marketing Videos
  • YouTube Channel
  • Automated Email Marketing System
  • Lead To Client Conversion System
  • Online Training Platform
  • Train the Trainer On Sales Training Content & i/o Delivery Methodology (If Applicable)

Stage Two: Launch & Grow

Timeframe: Ongoing After the Initial Build

  • Start, Optimize and Manage Lead Generation Campaign
  • Convert Leads To Clients
  • Start Training Your Client(s)
  • Add & Manage Prospect Retargeting Campaign(s)
  • Add & Manage Prospect Conversion Campaign(s)
  • Optimize Product Delivery
  • Add Revenue Streams

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