Sales Training Leads

Tired of Endless Cold-Calling, Networking and Begging For Referrals? There's a Better Way.

Leads Are The Life Blood Of Any Sales Training Business.

But, lead generation can be complex, labor-intensive and extremely costly.

My name is John Martinez and I own and (successful online and event-driven sales training companies).

I'm producing a lot of extra exclusive sales training leads right now in my personal sales training businesses that I simply don't need... and they're available to purchase.

My 7-Figure Sales Training Business Was Built On These Leads...

Today life is much different than when I began sales training...

I haven't prospected in 4 years and have been able to work with over 2,000 clients...

That leaves me with a lot of time:

Time for relaxation.

Time for family.

Time for travel and new experiences.

The relief from financial stresses.

And, the ability to live on my own terms and make my own rules.

It's Been A Heck Of A Ride!

I've been able to work with business icons like Dean Graziosi, Frank Kern, and Darren Hardy. I've sat court-side with NBA Hawks owner Jesse Itzler. I've spoken on stages throughout the country and now live a life I don't deserve... What a ride it has been! 

All of it is due to a surplus of quality leads... Now available to you.


What Is A Lead?

In my younger years I was taught that a lead was just a name and a number.

Today, I disagree. A name and a number is just contact information.

A Quality Lead Has Three Key Components:

Contact Information

We collect a phone number so you can contact the prospect via call/text. We collect an email address as a third contact channel, but more importantly, for the automated email marketing/nurturing system.


It only makes sense to connect with prospects who actually need sales training. Sure... maybe you're so good that you could sell ice to eskimos, but wouldn't you rather sell ice to thirsty people in hot places?


Would you rather cold call prospects, or take calls from prospects looking for what you have? We want prospects who show intent... prospects who initiated action and requested information from us.

Sample Leads

No leads are cold-called or cold-emailed. Each prospect showed real intent and need by proactively requesting a "Tips & Strategies For Increasing Sales" resource from me through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or various other online offer placements.

Sample Leads For Individuals (Typically Small Business Owners)

Sample Leads For Sales Teams

Ready To Build The Sales Training Business Of Your Dreams?