Your YouTube Channel

You NEED A YouTube Channel. We've Got Your Back.

The power of YouTube is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

I created my channel 3 1/2 years ago.

In that time, it has racked up 38,000 hours of watch time!

Let me put that into perspective for you...

That is equivalent to having a full-time salesperson in front of prospects and spreading my message every second of 40 hours per week, with zero time off, for over 18 years!

And, the best part is that YouTube doesn't cost a thing.

You just need the right videos and the right YouTube strategy.

But that's not all it does for you.

Google owns YouTube, so the more you have on YouTube, the higher you get ranked in Google searches.

If anyone in the industry I train in searches for sales training... I literally pop up as EVERY single result returned!

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